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Spin Scrubber


  • Spin Scrubber work hard for you, which can make your cleaning tasks efficient and easy. Save half of cleaning time and easily gets rid of scum, grime. Save your keens and backs. No elbow grease required.
  • Relax your knees, shoulders, and back. For arthritis sufferers, great for anyone who struggles with cleaning due to arthritis, back pain, or fatigue.
  • Each set includes 3 replaceable brush heads. A round brush for irregular surfaces like bathtubs and toilets, a flat brush for surfaces like tile floors and windows, and a corner brush for grout, faucets, and more. Different brushes to meet different requirements. 
  • Perfect for Multiple Cleaning Tasks -> Automatic cleaning scrubber can be used indoor and outdoor, which is great for curves, tile, sink bowls, toilets, bathtub, door slots, shower windows, also cleans car tires and mags well. With Extendable handle, SHORT OR LONG? 
  • The floor scrubber is wirelessly designed, so it can be used anywhere outside without the trouble of dragging the wires. The bathtub scrubber is a perfect gift for relatives and friends. It can also be used as a child’s toy to make children fall in love with cleaning. 
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