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Bring Your Art To Life With Magic Pad!

Magic Pad is the fun light-up drawing pad that illuminates your art! The exciting new way to draw, sketch, and create! Magic Pad’s unique screen is crystal clear!

HOW TO USE: Simply press the button to see your art glow super bright like magic! Choose from 8 different & colorful light effects! Watch your art flash, scramble colors & more! When you’re done simply wipe the screen clean to create all over again! There is no limit to what you can make with Magic Pad! Magic Pad’s clear screen lets you trace your favorite art designs!

FUN FOR KIDS: Play your favorite games like Tic-tac-toe or solve a maze! Best of all, Magic Pad makes learning fun! Great for spelling, math, and reading! Take Magic Pad with you anywhere! The portable design is hours of fun on long car rides! Make each work of art a glowing masterpiece with Magic Pad.
Unique, Crystal Clear Screen – Trace Your Favorite Designs.

Reusable- Just Wipe Clean and Do It All Over Again.

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