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Restore Your Old Clothes & Fabrics

New Lint Remover/Fuzz Remover For All Woolens Restore your old clothes and fabrics with this lint remover. This corded lint remover helps you remove lint, balls, pills and bubbles from your fabrics easily. It’s super quick and easy to use! All you have to do is plug the device and gently run it over your desired fabric to have them looking clean and new again. Honeycomb grid design The stainless steel head is made of big and small honeycomb holes which are specially designed for removing different sized balls quickly and smoothly. It also protects your hands from coming in contact with the rotating blades to keep you safe at all times. Battery free No more batteries wasted! Unlike some battery operated lint removers which fail to bring an uninterrupted supply of power to to remove lint and balls, this corded lint remover comes with a plug and runs on electricity. Now you can effectively restore your clothes without worrying about low power or replacing batteries.
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