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Great For Education & Communication

The electronic writing pad can better protect the environment and eliminate the need for paper, pencils, erasers. One doodle pad can write more than 100,000 times, with a key clearance function, without charge and connection. It can save 100,000 pieces of paper and 5 big trees. Only one coin battery is needed to replace the traditional battery. It is easy to buy and replace it in stores. There is no need to worry about the environmental pollution caused by throwing paper everywhere.

1. The drawing board can be used for children to doodle, draw, write, count and so on to improve their imagination.
2. As a family message board, leave messages for your relatives.
3. As a shopping list, you can clearly understand your needs.
4. Working people can also be used as working memorandums.
5. Deaf-mute people can communicate better.

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