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LCD Clock

Mode selection: “”demo”” 7 kinds of soft color light cycle demonstration, make you immediately happy mood, relieve pressure! “”Off”” off light is in standby mode. The bottom of the clock has tap sensing point design. As long as you press the clock gently, it will emit 30 seconds soft light (hold the clock and keep the light on for a long time), so that you can watch the time at night!
5. Five kinds of music alarm, built-in loudspeaker, with blue or green backlight.
6. Display Fahrenheit or Celsius. Voice notification time and temperature are supported throughout the day. Support intelligent voice notification time and temperature within 15 hours wake-up time.
7. Support 10 minute snooze function, time indication, snooze function, one key on / off clock alarm
8. It can automatically time the whole time, voice broadcast the present time and automatically detect the real-time temperature. It is small and light, convenient to carry and travel
9. Versatile – perfect gift for children, students, adults and the elderly.

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