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Reverse Time With This Dent Repair Kit

A dent on a car; be it new or old is like being hit where it hurts most. Easing that pain; is being able to fix minor dents without having to pay for it in the end. This deal gets you a DIY Pops A Dent, handy tools in repairing minor knocks to your vehicle. Check this out: A Pop A Dent- DIY Car Dent Repair Tool Easy to use Can be done in 3 simple steps An economical alternative

Car dent repair steps:
1. Clean the dent portion
2. Install the hot melt glue, pulled the trigger, let glue stick into the glue gun, plug in the power, let the glue gun warm up for 5 minutes
3. To find a suitable traction pads large dent need big traction gasket4, Pull the trigger glue gun with glue painted extruded selected traction pads (4 hole gasket also painted hot melt adhesive)5, Traction quickly painted hot melt adhesive gasket on the central part of the dent, gently press and hold until the hot melt adhesive curing cement.

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